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Yes, Google Stadia is great, that some Play Store titles such as Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite or PUBG among many others are brutal at the level of graphics, gameplay, etc., but not everyone can play them. And it is not because it is strictly a matter of skill or tastes, it is because their mobile devices do not offer enough power to execute them. Although also, on occasion, the need for a good internet connection is added.

For such situations and users Google has launched GameSnacks, a selection of games with two common characteristics: loading speed and low requirements. Of course, be careful, don’t confuse this with little fun and simple games. They do not reach the degree of excellence of more elaborate proposals, but surely they make you spend the dead times on more than one occasion.

As part of Area 120 (equipment belonging to the Google laboratory for experimental projects) this selection of games are based on HTML 5, so they can be played from any device with internet access. The big advantage is that will not require a super connection and access to 2G and 3G networks will suffice. Regarding the hardware of the mobile device, with 1 GB of memory RAM will also be enough.

Here the key is in comfortable Area 120 optimizes these pages that give access via HTML 5 to the game in question. What they do is eliminate or delay the loading of certain elements such as sounds, scripts, etc., until they are really necessary. This is how they manage to reduce loading times and free devices on process issues.

Regarding the games, what has been said, you will find fun, simple and perfect titles for quick games at any time. In addition, all these games are not only exclusive to play from your smartphone, any device with browser that supports HTML 5 can access them.

For example, to this one called Tower and that is very easy to play. You are clicking or tapping on the screen and releasing pieces on top of each other. If you are precise, you can build a very tall tower. If not, then the pieces will become smaller and smaller and it will cost you more work to grow the tower in height. Click on this link and test for yourself how it is and how to play.

As you can see, games to hang out wherever and whenever you want quickly. Of course, be careful if you do it during office hours and your bosses see you doing what you shouldn’t.


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