Contrary to popular belief, piracy is not always meant by negative outcomes. Proof of this is the game Danger Gazers, which saw its Steam sales grow 400% after the developer himself made it available on the popular torrent site The Pirate Bay.

The game was only released on the Steam platform earlier this year (January 2), but did not have the expected demand of its creator.

A week later, Shota Bobokhidze decided to upload the game to the “piracy” site, reassuring users that it had no second intention and that it was the complete and fully functional game. The only request made by the developer was that if they liked the game, they would consider buying it through Steam.

Danger Gazers

Sales increase proves that “piracy” is not always synonymous with “bad intentions”

Bobokhidze revealed in an interview with Polygon that he fully identifies with players who, for whatever reason, cannot afford to buy a game. He states that during his childhood, the only possibility of being able to play a newly released title was through piracy sites.

Even for gamers who just don’t buy the game, the developer thanks you for your interest and makes sure there are countless ways to support your hard work. Whether it’s recommending the game to your friend at school, sharing the game on social networks, or a simple email sent to the developer with feedback, every little effort helps the project.

Steam Review

Reactions on Steam were amazing!

In addition to the incredible increase in sales, many players have decided to leave their comment on the game page. Among the many comments, we can find many players who claim to have bought right away after finding out that the developer had put it for free on The Pirate Bay.

One review also states that “although not my favorite game style, I am happy to support the developer.” Interestingly, there were still several users who in addition to paying the full price of the game (€ 8.19), decided to give their creator a generous tip.

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