Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G: analysis of a very handsome big

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G: analysis of a very handsome big

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, video analysis

Screen to enjoy

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Samsung’s history tells us that the Note are some devices to work. You may use it to take notes throughout the day, to have hundreds of applications open, or to use it as a laptop thanks to Samsung DeX, but the truth is that the profile of this phone invites much more. And it is that, with 6.9 inchWho does not dare to see a Netflix series in this pantallón? The screen looks incredibly good outdoors, and it’s something the manufacturer is used to. Like the S20 Ultra, this Note20 Ultra looks amazing, and its brightness is such that you better have it reduced at night if you don’t want it to blind you.

Samsung hangs up a mind-blowing 6.9-inch panel, kind of OLED, with support HDR 10 plus, with brilliance and contrast of heart attack, and a refreshment of the image of 120 Hz. Yes, again another similarity with the S20 Ultra, however, here the novelty is that the soft drink is variable, so the energy consumption will be more controlled. When there are static images, it can be as high as 10 Hz, and when you turn it on and scroll, it works at 120. And let me tell you, it is wonderful. That change in frequency is completely imperceptible, and in the end we gain in battery life, which is great to continue stretching for a few hours.

And yes, you won’t be able to have 120 Hz at full panel resolution, but believe me that with the FHD + resolution you will have plenty. That is the only drawback that we find with the system, which is still limited to a slightly lower resolution than the original panel. This is basically because it would continue to be a fairly important source of energy consumption, so the manufacturer continues to include this limitation.

More beautiful than ever

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Aesthetically, we are facing another leap to design level on Samsung phones, and now with a matte finish on a Gorilla Glass 7 glass top, the phone looks spectacular. Obviously we cannot avoid talking about the large projection produced by the cameras, which we will talk about later, but at first glance it is beautiful.

Part of the fault for this beauty is the back, and it is that it lacks a fingerprint reader, which gives a cleaner visual appearance. But wait, do you think that a phone as top as the Note20 Ultra was going to be without a fingerprint reader? Not at all. The reader is hidden under the screen, it is of the ultrasonic type and it works really well, as in the S20 Ultra. This allows us to unlock the device quickly and without too much waiting, and throughout the time we have been using the device it has responded perfectly.

A very characteristic pencil

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

As you will see, there are many similarities with the giant of the S range, right? That’s where it comes in the S Pen, of course, the perfect complement for lovers of notes. I still think that this stylus is a very special complement, but that not everyone will know how to take advantage of it. I myself do not dare to write in the terminal, since I am fatal to do it on the fly.

Also, another problem that I see is related to the camera module. As it stands out so much, writing on a flat surface could be a problem on some occasions, something completely uncomfortable when suffering blows on the table caused by the unevenness of the camera module. Worse there are great news related to the S-Pen, and they directly affect its operation. The response time is tremendously less than the Note 10, and this translates into quick strokes that feel real. Thanks to the sound that is reproduced while we make the line, we enjoy an experience that little by little is closer to writing on paper.

The application Samsung Notes It has also improved including the ability to write on individual pages, write over text, import PDF files for editing, and even add audio notes to your written notes.

Remote photography

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Talking about a Samsung phone without talking about the cameras is like talking about a monitor and not counting the inches. This Note20 Ultra 5G comes with 3 cameras of 108, 12 and 12 megapixels that offer different angles for all kinds of situations. It is a configuration that we could already see in the S20 Ultra, but that offers us slightly better results in the ultra wide angle. The images are sharp and with detail, beyond the deformation of the angle itself, worse in general, it has made a very good impression on us.

Galaxy Note 20 UltraGalaxy Note 20 Ultra

In the 108 megapixel camera we still enjoy very complete results, but they are not the best. The portrait is attractive but can be improved, the performance in broad daylight is magnificent but with a white balance to be perfected, and at night we will be able to see light where we thought it did not exist, but at the cost of losing detail and noise.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Where we have gotten a pleasant impression is in the telephoto lens, since the 5x magnification of the lens works like a charm. In addition, the hybrid zoom that mixes optical and digital gives us very good results up to 20x, but jumping to 50x is meaningless because we get completely patchy images with a watercolor effect that increases if stabilization and light conditions are not optimal.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Another highlight of the cameras is their video recording capacity, not only because of the 8K resolution available (already present in the S20), but also because of the magnificent stabilization that invites us to enjoy a simulated gimbal with perfection in stabilization. amazing.

Undefined muscle

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

As we said, the phone comes with everything, and to the Exynos 990 processor we must add the 12 GB of RAM and the 256 and 512 GB of storage in which it is available. The problem is that one more year the difference in performance from the European to the American model is significant, and users on the other side of the pond will enjoy a faster, more powerful phone with better autonomy. It’s fair? The market rules, and global demand forces Samsung to make this distribution. There is no other.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

But don’t get confused. This Note20 Ultra 5G does not lack power, only that there is no other identical Note20 that has more. To complete the package, Samsung has reached an agreement with Microsoft to offer 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to all those who reserve the device, enjoying access to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service immediately. And with this, the phone becomes a powerful portable console in which you only need a Bluetoth remote, a wonderful way to take advantage of the potential and the incredible screen that it offers us.

Is the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G worth buying?

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

The Ultra model is a large version. More than big, giant, and that might not be entirely comfortable for many users. Anyway, if you hallucinate with the large inches, this screen is the best that you will take in your pocket (if it fits you). Another issue will be to justify the 1,309 euros that this phone costs. Innovations such as the variable soda seem essential for the future, but beyond that and another quality, the price of this Note20 Ultra seems too much.

We see with better eyes the normal version, which offers practically the same, but lowers the main camera to 42 megapixels and uses polycarbonate instead of glass for the back cover. Oh, and the screen is flat, something that for many will be an advantage.

That said, if you are looking to have the most of the most and you are not too worried about a price that greatly exceeds 1,000 euros, the Note20 Ultra is the best Android phone you could buy today. But if you mature the purchase decision and the price does not let you sleep, even a Galaxy Note 10 would be a much more sensible option.


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