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Galaxy Note 20: fogged lens is normal, says Samsung

Galaxy Note 20: fogged lens is normal, says Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has been subject to some criticism since its launch in South Korea. In the Samsung forums, there are several users complaining about a funny problem with the camera: fogged lenses. A user has posted a photo of the problem.


As we can see from the image, it seems that the 3 cameras are fogged up, as if someone had breathed them on top. Meanwhile, one of the users went to Samsung's repair center to receive satisfaction. The answer is that the equipment was given as normal.

Samsung explained why the fogged lens happens

According to Samsung's official explanation, the foggy lens phenomenon occurs when moisture from outside enters the equipment through the ventilation slots. When extreme temperature changes, humidity fogs up the chambers. Thanks for the science lesson, but that doesn't solve the bizarre problem.

In addition, Samsung claims that it is not responsible for the situation nor will it arrange repairs or replacements, as it is a “natural” phenomenon. What is not natural is a 4-digit device to fog the lenses, due to its cooling system.

Although this problem does not damage the equipment, photographs are almost useless as soon as they are taken with fogged lenses. Still, it is important to note that this problem has been reported by half a dozen owners of the equipment. So, we don't know if it will escalate to a bigger problem. Samsung has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

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