Future Samsung smartphones (and products) may have ads in the software!

Future Samsung smartphones (and products) may have ads in the software!

Not good news when we talk about software for a product you like may include advertising. Especially when they do not currently offer. However, Samsung's new patent shows that the brand is actually working on implementing advertising on its smartphone system.

The new patent called "Samsung Mobile Ads"confirms that. According to the European Union trademark, the service will be for Samsung terminals such as smartphones, tablets or even computers. Unfortunately it does not offer us many more details!

Samsung mobile advertisements

Please note that your Samsung smartphones already have advertising!

There are few who notice, however, some Samsung smartphones already offer advertising to the user without him. I speak of Bixby, the virtual assistant that is also located on the left side of your User Interface and gives you a list of news and information relevant to you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

This was certainly the reason why Samsung did not introduce Google Discovery. Google is already starting to introduce some advertisements in the user news and information feed, but Samsung overdoes it a bit more.

Televisions may also be at risk

Although this product is "mobile", according to the information, also this new service could be fitted on televisions. Unfortunately, like the scarcity of information on smartphones, we also have no clear idea how it can be integrated into television.

Google shows why advertising is so important

Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world and only has one serious source of income. The sale of advertising. The American company has advertising as its biggest business and that is why most of its services are free. All to get more accurate information about you and later to give you advertisements with more interest.

These algorithms from Google are inviting for anyone who wants to show their product to the world. Facebook is another example of the success of advertising in the modern world.

We don't know if Samsung will plan to implement advertising on its services (as it already has at Bixby) or will decide to implement on smartphone software. Let's just hope that Samsung's mobile phones of the future are no longer a spy machine for your habits to give you more "targeted" advertising.

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