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Please watch the above YouTube tutorial on full factory restore T8-AML-V2. At we offer a varied selection of YouTube tutorials. Whether it be videos on devices or how to do certain things in Kodi. We even provide unboxings of products or links to reviews from some of our great customers.

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How to set up the Minix Z64.How to upgrade your firmware T8-AML-V2 and U-M8.How to backup your favourites in XBMC before you update.The complete guide for Kodi/XBMC settings.How to reset the U-M8.How to factory restore the T8-AML-V2.How to reset the RK3188.How to reset the Ice Cube 2.How to reset the T8-AML-V2.How to use subtitles in XBMC / Kodi.How to set up a home sharing network on your Android device.How to change your home screen shortcuts in XBMC / Kodi.How to clear the cache in XBMC / Kodi.How to change the offset for your audio in XBMC / Kodi.U M8 factory reset.Easily upgrade firmware T8-AML-V2.How to backup favourites save favourites.Video archive We offer many many more videos not just the U M8 factory reset video. Once again simply subscribe to the EntertainmentBox YouTube channel HERE. Many thanks for checking this tutorial out. We will offer new videos throughout the year. If you would like any particular tutorial or any ideas of what our next video should be. Please get in touch with us on Twitter. FULL FACTORY RESTORE T8-AML-V2


Detailed Video Help guide Step by Step Instruction for easy update


Incorrectly Applied Update May Brick Device

Full Reset Android T8 Box
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  1. Richard

    Hi, I’ve upgraded my T8 V2 following the YouTube video and now have Kodi 15.2 but I have lost all of my apps, Genesis etc. Am I able to recover these?

    1. Entertainment Box

      Hello Richard, HERE is a link to a very helpful site in relation to Kodi and what you can do with it.


  2. William

    In and for the firmware reset video for the m8 you mentioned an sd card. is that card blank , if so can it be purchased anywhere. If it is not blank, where can I get one?

    1. James

      Yes its a blank SD card, you transfer the downloaded files over to it. And sorry we do not sell SD cards yet but will do soon.

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