Home Mobile Front camera inside the smartphone screen: photo example impresses!

Front camera inside the smartphone screen: photo example impresses!

Front camera inside the smartphone screen: photo example impresses!

It has long been said that 2020 smartphones will have the front camera within the screen. If so, the top notches and margins will cease to exist.

OPPO, Xiaomi or even Samsung and LG, are companies already working on the technology. Today we have some examples of photographs taken with this technology.

How the camera works inside the smartphone screen

In short, the goal is not having to see a notch or a hole in the screen. The photo sensor will be behind the screen. That little section of the screen will be just like any other. We may see the sensor behind the screen if we look closely, but nothing that will bother you as much as a notch.

Sample photos with this sensor

camera inside smartphone screen

Engadget editor Richard Lai has shared some pictures taken with this technology and is surprising. One of the problems this sensor was causing was the quality of the picture. As much as companies had already figured out a way to hide the sensor, it was getting tricky to give selfies image quality.

Camera image inside smartphone screen

Still, the latest images of Richard Lai take the doubts. As much as the images are not the same quality as a main camera, we can see good quality in the images. Good detail and good brightness is also to be noted.

Camera image inside smartphone screen

Important to note that some of this quality you are seeing in the images may be reduced due to our website image compressor. This makes the page faster to load.

Camera image inside smartphone screen

When will technology come to smartphones

2020 is expected to be the year companies will invest in this technology. It is believed that the first companies to unveil the technology will be OPPO, Xiaomi and Vivo. If technology has the quality and success to be expected, it is only logical that more companies will embark on the new adventure.

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