Free Guy: GTA NPCs have feelings too

Free Guy: GTA NPCs have feelings too

An NPC with a life of its own

Free guy

With the idea of ​​celebrating the new date, Free Guy has released a new trailer in which to see the Deadpool actor playing the role of Guy, an NPC from a video game who seems to notice everything around him.

As you surely know, NPCs, or Non-Playable Character, are video game characters that have established guidelines defined by the programmers, so they are not able to get out of their script because they do not have enough artificial intelligence to allow it. .

But Guy is a special NPC, since after beginning to suspect that the world around him has imposed limits, he ends up discovering that he is actually a fictional character that is part of a video game.

Trailer in original version

Trailer in English

Remembering Ralph

Free guy

It is inevitable that when knowing the plot we have certain memories of Wreck-It Ralph, but in reality, Free Guy goes further, since, in addition to offering a lot of action and a lot of humor, the plot will lead us to a kind of war between Guy and his own game developers.

Inspired by GTA Online?

After seeing the images of this latest trailer, it seems that the plot could be very inspired by GTA Online. And is that once Guy discovers that he is inside a video game, with the help of special glasses he is able to see everything that happens in the games that are in progress.

In this scene, we can see warplanes flying between skyscrapers, and many other players carrying out robberies in all kinds of businesses. Unbridled fun that Guy doesn’t like, so he decides to take down the players who wreak havoc on his beloved and limited Free City.

When it premieres?

The definitive date of the release of Free Guy is scheduled for December 11, however, the appointment will continue to be under a command of doubts until we see how the situation evolves around the world.


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