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Free games for Nintendo Switch that you should keep in mind

Free games for Nintendo Switch

Directly from the eShop we can download a large list of completely free games to install on our Switch. As you can see yourself accessing the virtual store, there are many options available, so we will leave you with a list of the games that we liked the most and that we think you should try.

What is a free installation game?

But, let us start at the beginning. In the eShop we will be able to find a series of games categorized as titles of “free installation” What does this mean exactly? Obviously, as the name indicates, it determines those titles that can be downloaded immediately without having to go to the cashier, however, and here where the interesting thing comes, does not mean that later in the game there are no microtransactions.

That is to say. There will be games that you will download without problems and you can start playing immediately, however, as you progress through the game, you will probably find accessories that will help you improve the game, and these will cost money. All these in-game sales will be made through the Nintendo Network, and will require the use of a Nintendo Network ID account with a configured payment method. To this we must add that many of the games have multiplayer functions for online gaming, and in that case you will also need a Nintendo Switch Online account, which has a monthly cost.

Deltarune Chapter 1


From the creators of the famous UNDERTALE comes DELTARUNE Chapter 1, a new game located in a completely new world in which we will have to create our own avatar, make friends and enter the darkness. The problem? The download only includes chapter 1, so if you get hooked, you will want the rest, and now you will have to go through the box.

Download DELTARUNE Chapter 1 free for Nintendo Switch


Brawlhalla Switch

Imagine something like Super Smash Bros but completely free. That is more or less what Brawlhalla offers, with the exception of not having the charismatic characters of Nintendo (or gameplay), but in return you will enjoy a fun aesthetic very colorful cartoon. You can choose from a total of 30 different characters, although the free version will only let you choose some of them.

Download Brawlhalla free for Nintendo Switch

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor Switch

Arena of Valor is a large-caliber MOBA created by Tencent Games that after its successful move through mobile platforms came to Switch to continue sweeping the competitive plane. It offers game modes of 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 and a popular mode called War of Hooks in which the player can demonstrate the skills. It’s free, but remember that both this and all other multiplayer games require a Nintendo Switch Online account.

Download Arena of Valor free for Nintendo Switch


New Fortnite Map

If in the middle of 2020 you don’t know what is going on or what is Fortnite, you have a problem. The most famous Battle Royale of the gamer panorama obviously has a version for Switchh, so that all users can download it for free and play it without problems. Extra clothing and a season pass with additional bonuses will have its additional cost, but not buying it will not prevent you from having fun and playing with or against your friends. The fun is guaranteed.

Download Fortnite free for Nintendo Switch

Fallout shelter

FAllout Shelter Switch

A nuclear disaster has forced you to hide in an underground construction, and you are in charge of the refuge working like a charm. You must manage resources, supervise tasks and jobs among the inhabitants and ultimately make everything flow perfectly to make the underground prison the best possible habitable place. Things will get complicated as you go along, and it will be there when you may think of buying some extra item to make your job easier.

Download Fallout Shelter 1 free for Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Quest

Pokemon Quest Switch

This is possibly one of the strangest games the Pokémon universe has ever had, but if you have a little one at home who loves Nintendo creatures, it will probably fall for the proposal of GAME FREAK. It is an RPG with cubic aesthetics (very much like Minecraft), where the player will have to complete expeditions while facing a variety of wild Pokémon.

Throughout the adventure you will find the so-called P stones, which are nothing more than elements that will make your Pokémon more powerful. The game includes purchases within the application, so you can imagine where the shots go.

Download Pokémon Quest free for Nintendo Switch

Tetris 99

TEtris 99

One of the most original ideas of 2019 was this Tetris 99, a reinvented version of the classic puzzle that combines the frantic games of the Battle Royale with the usual mechanics of Tetris. The result? Games in which you will never know if you are really on a roll, as opposing players can send you junk blocks to get things complicated. The last one standing wins!

Download Tetris 99 free for Nintendo Switch

All free games that can be downloaded for Switch

If you want to take a look at other free Switch games available on the Nintendo eShop, we leave the link to the store in the reading link so you can take a closer look.

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