France will include EarPods in the new iPhone 12, why?

France will include EarPods in the new iPhone 12, why?

You want an iPhone with headphones, buy it in France

The launch of the new iPhone 12 has not been without controversy. Something that really does not surprise, because every year there is always something about the new Apple phones that serves to feed more than one conversation related to the world of technology.

Sometimes the reason is their prices (in reality this is always a matter of controversy), at other times it is the alleged lack of innovation that some see generation after generation or decisions as controversial as continuing to include a charger that does not offer fast charging when the other rivals do. But this year has already been the most.

With the launch of the latest iPhone 12 the company has decided that these will be sold without EarPods and without the power adapter. That is, not even that 5V charger so criticized for being kept from the original iPhone in 2007. The only thing you will find in the box when you get one it’s a USB C to Lightning cable and the respective iPhone.

And beware, not only in the box of the newly presented terminals, but also other iPhone models that will continue to be part of the company’s catalog will be affected at the content level. So you won’t find a charger or headphones if you get an iPhone SE, iPhone XR or iPhone 11.

However, the most curious thing is that in France the iPhone will include EarPods headphones. Yes, as you are reading and seeing in the images about the contents of the box that includes the description of the iPhone 12 page in the French Apple Store.

If the decision to eliminate these elements was or is intended to reduce the carbon footprint fourteen, why in the French country they will have EarPods included? Well the answer lies in the laws that are in force there. And is that, France requires manufacturers that all phones sold in the country include a hands-free accessory so that users are not forced to use their device by wearing it to their ear.

With this law they seek to protect their citizens from electromagnetic waves when using the devices. In addition, it also aims to help the little ones by not forcing them to use a product whose technology they do not fully understand. And yes, although you may or may not agree on both ideas (because it is or is not a real risk and because little ones assume technology in a much more natural way than some adults), what is clear is that whoever buys an iPhone in France takes some EarPods.


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