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Fossil Smartwatches New to Serve Apple Watch Seriously

Fossil Smartwatches New to Serve Apple Watch Seriously

The latest generation (fifth generation) Fossil smartwatches today received an update that makes iPhone users able to receive and make calls on the device. This way, Smart Watches with WearOS have more capabilities than beating the famous Apple Watch.

No wonder Apple wants to make life difficult for competitors when trying to connect gadgets that Apple also sells to its products. That is, it goes without saying that compatibility with Apple products is far better than any other.

Smartwatch Fossil

Using a Fossil smartwatch on an iPhone was a headache

That's why I have my Fossil here very cute but standing in the drawer. When I used a Fossil smartwatch with an iPhone X, I could see that the watch is far from perfect. Autonomy was poor, notifications didn't work perfectly, and the clock wasn't exactly fast.

The new generation (5th) of Fossil smartwatches is more competitive in the face of slow and autonomous issues. The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor is improved over all others already released with WearOS.

With the new update, Fossil smartwatches can finally start looking at Apple Watches a little more seriously.

Google will have to intervene for WearOS success

As much as I like Fossil equipment, I have to admit we need a smartwatch from Google. We all believed we could see a "Pixel" smart watch at the launch of Pixel 4, but that didn't turn out.

That is, Google will have to "show you how". Watches with WearOS are good, but far from fighting Apple Watch. Mainly in your software.

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