Home Apple Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch is the perfect balance between "Past and Future"

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch is the perfect balance between "Past and Future"

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch is the perfect balance between "Past and Future"

According to recent information, Google has decided to proceed with the purchase of Fossil's hybrid smartwatch division. This division of the famous watch manufacturer specializes in the development of smartwatches featuring both analog hands and displays.

Now indications have begun to appear in several online stores that the brand's first hybrid smartwatch will be the Fossil Collider Smartwatch HR, and may even run a modified version of WearOS. Although all listings show smartwatch unavailable, they reveal not only its design, but also its possible price (€ 205).

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Google Wear OS

Smartwatch with e-ink display and hands can revolutionize this segment

While smartwatches like Apple Watch or Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro offer an impressive user experience with a huge list of features and brilliant build quality, the same cannot be said of most smartwatches. In fact, the limited supply of quality products in this segment has resulted in a major slowdown and full monopoly by Apple.

One of the biggest problems with WearOS offerings is its battery life and unattractive design for the overwhelming majority of users. This new approach with a hybrid smartwatch could be the perfect bet to solve these two problems.

Google Fossil Smartwatch

By using an e-Ink display you will be able to offer a range of many days and by using traditional hands you will be able to maintain a traditional design that will appeal to most users. Moreover, its price seems to fit perfectly into the values ​​commonly practiced by Fossil.

E-Ink screen should not limit the level of its features

Through the various images that have come up in online store listings, we can see various features that will continue to be present with the use of the e-Ink screen. Physical activity features can be monitored just like any other smartwatch. In addition, the interface is extremely similar to Google Fit's, reinforcing the possible presence of WearOS.

Fossil hybrid smartwatch

In one of the images we also see that it will support the reading of text messages, and there is no confirmation that it is possible or not to respond to them. But, this is likely to be possible through the use of voice commands.

One of the available watchfaces features four circles that display information on number of steps, temperature, date as well as weather. Interestingly, this type of design immediately brings to mind the type of design used in WearOS.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have any information on the specific specifications and features of this new Fossil hybrid smartwatch. However, given that it is already popping up in many online stores, more information may come soon.

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