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    Hello and welcome to the EntertainmentBox Forums. The idea of these forums is to provide you with as much information as we can. This will also be a great destination for talking to other customers who may be able to help you along the way.
    We hope you like the forums and we would like you to please read the forum rules before making any posts.

    Thank you

    and thanks for joining us

    From all the team at EntertainmentBox.com



    Hey guys,

    After getting the H5 box I noticed a firmware update on the website. I am unable to get the box into recovery mode by following instructions that are listed, I disconnect everything hold the reset on the bottom while connecting the power and the usb2usb to computer, then power the box on (nothing), so I did the same thing while the hdmi was connected, onscreen after the entertainmentbox logo, I see a quick text in yellow saying rebooting, still nothing in the amlogic usb burning tool and the device just does the same thing all over again, if I let go of the reset after the ebox logo same text saying rebooting then the box boots.

    Any ideas that might help trigger recovery mode to update firmware, if not then guess I am stuck with old firmware, would not be stuck though.



    Entertainment Box

    Hello Agamoose,make sure that you are using the OTG USB port to connect the USB cable. If you are still having trouble updating the firmware on your H5 you may contact support for more assistance, Thank you.




    Yeah that’s got it thanks, don’t know why I never thought of trying a different usb port.

    Thanks again



    Trying to install Wookie on box goes OK until the install screen appears then i click
    install but can’t get a list of builds to install



    Hi, just joined this forum recognise others from older site.



    Hello everyone, I have been approached by my family to as the forum if cccam can be added to the T8 any help would be most appreciated. I have see it working and it looks brilliant.



    Hi Derek, im sorry but we don’t deal with anything like cccam, your best bet would be to use google search for the info you are looking for.



    hello to all


    Dan Thorne

    Hi everyone I’ve been trying to install gadgetjunkies on my firestick and my old 4.4 jellybeans box I updated the 4.4 box to kodi 17.1 and yet neither will work keep getting the same message text file for builds not formatted correctly can anyone help?



    hi guys i have just updated my ebmc 16 to ebmc 17 but now the satellite button does work on the opening screen

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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