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    Hi, had a T8V3S since early January, also have a T8V2 from last year. It was one of the first T8V3S and had the S marked on with a pen on the underside of the unit.

    The older T8V2 box is a lot faster than the T8V3S booting up by 23 seconds to wifi available, it also takes between 3/5 seconds to enter the homescreen folders where the T8V2 is instant. There is no area where the T8V3S has a speed advantage over the older T8V2.

    The 5.1 android software on the T8V3S is a big stepback in usability as there are no top notification pulldown so when it alerts you there is no way to find out what it was, There is also no bottom pull up bar on the v3s to close programs which is useful when installing kodi builds, the memory widget does not close the programs.

    Also tried putting 3 different fully working hardrives into the T8V3S and all of them just make a clicking noise like they are not getting enough power to energise them.

    The T8V3S is up to date and I have tried factory wiping a few times the T8V3S just does not seem that fast.

    Are there any alternative firmwares that will work on this box / things I can do to make it better.






    Are you updated with latest OTA update for T8 V3s device ? As the boot time can be different on both device as different model can have different startup set for them however you should consider to check navigation after boot up on both device if any issues with T8 V3s device. Yes the drop down option is not available with Android 5.1 devices as it was with Android 4.4 or earlier however we will always notify you with latest discoveries for device with OTA updater updates. Please check this HDD setup guide .

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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