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    I’ve got 2 really annoying T8-4 problems:

    1/ On boot, the LAN connection is to my T8-4 not being recognised i.e. it states NULL rather than getting served an IP address. The Ethernet cable is fine. The wireless router is working. The Ethernet port on the wireless router is working. Other devices connected to the wired LAN via the wireless router are working fine. The only way to use the T8-4 is via wireless connection. Any idea how to get the wired LAN port to start working again?

    2/ Kodi keeps crashing on entry. Clear the cache via the ‘home’ screen but again it crashes. I have started to go to the App to clear the cache from there rather than at the ‘home’ screen to get Kodi (with Wookie loaded) to work.

    Regards, BromsgroveBhoy




    I would suggest to email support for help with device as it seems device needs to be checked for fault of Ethernet connectivity. Also if you update device with latest firmware so you will get SPMC 16.4.1 ( EBOX MC ) on device which works smooth as specially designed to work on Android and developer is only concentrating to work it smooth on Android.



    Hello Bromsgrove Buoy, did you get problem sorted? If so how as I have a similar problem but my box just shows trying to connect via Ethernet. Like yours is ok wireless connection. I am running 16:4:1.



    Hi Bob

    Use the Chat Now – Online service … they are superb.

    In the end EB (Kevin) spoke me through a FACTORY RESET.

    You need to get box running 16.4.2 EBMC. Do OTA update too.

    Best to luck. BromsgroveBhoy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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