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    Hi I updated to the latest ROM for the t8-4. Now when I click on EBOX MC shortcut on home screen it says app isn’t installed. I uninstalled and reinstalled Kodi, but the shortcut still doesn’t work. Any help is appreciated



    Hi Will, did you download the rom from the EBox site? as this should come with EBMC(EBox Media Centre), the EBox MC tile on the launcher screen will only load EBMC if its installed, it wont load any other addons such as Kodi or SPMC.



    Hi Liam, thanks for response. I was on the Android side of things when I noticed an update was available, so I ran it from there. Is there a way to fix, or do I need to wait for next OTA update?



    The safest method would be to wait for the next release of the OTA update
    and this time make sure you have both Wipe Data and Wipe Cache boxes ticked

    Alternatively if you are more daring you could download the latest firmware on to an SD card and do it that way



    Hi – I had the same problem! I resolved it by opening the ‘Ebox App’ app and installing the EBMC app again.
    Once this was done, the shortcut worked.



    All sorted thanks everyone for taking the time to respond. Installing EBMC 16.4.2 done the trick

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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