Recently bought the T8 v and have a problem with Eboxmc


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    Hi everyone. I’m new to the forum but not to android boxes. I bought my 1St android box from droidsticks a few years ago as it was known back then, it was a ice cube quad core box and was very good no issues, still works great but I thought I’d treat myself and upgrade to the brand new T8 v which works fine when using kodi but when I use the Eboxmc it randomly kicks me back to the homescreen for no apparent reason with the message ” Eboxmc has stopped working” very annoying. has anyone else bought the new T8 v and having similar problems with the Eboxmc. I did chat using the red chat icon on this site and followed their instructions to go into more settings and apps and force stop exboxmc and then clear the cache but it still keeps doing it. The problem I think could be rectified by giving the option to bring up a menu from the bottom of the screen and making sure apps are closed down properly like on previous versions of Android tv box’s does anyone know what I’m on about. Or is it just me. Lol regards James



    hi.. I’m having exactly the same problem with a ebox Q…Just randomly kicks me bout back to the home screen…Tried clearing the cache and force stopped but still doing it..Only had the box a week….Does anyone know how we could get the eboxmc app back if we uninstalled the whole lot or would we just have to install spmc as that what it basically is



    Hi guys, this issue is usually caused due to a lack of space available on your device, theres a few things you can try to free up some space, remove apps you don’t use such as skype, if your not sure what the addon is or does leave it installed, you can also clear the data from your kodi/spmc/ebmc app, by doing this you will need to re-install any addons you wish to continue using. To do this go to Settings>Advanced>More Settings>Apps>EBMC>Delete Data.

    If you uninstall EBMC you can re-install it from here



    Hi Liam thanks for the advice. I tried alk of the above and found that uninstalling then reinstalling EBMC worked the best. As there was no problem with space on the device as there was plenty of memory / storage available. Seems to be working fine now after uninstalling then reinstall

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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