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    The EBox T8 AML V3 S Smart Kodi TV Box is available in various combos and a solo deal. In essence a combo deal offers you the TV Box with premium accessories of your choosing at a lower price you would pay if purchased separately. We always recommend that you purchase an additional remote or keyboard as they simply make your life easier when navigating or searching for things within your apps.
    To choose which package you want, please click on the product page.

    The T8 AML V3 S Smart Kodi TV box from EntertainmentBox has a full solid aluminium housing that is sleek and durable. This special housing offers integral cooling to the device compared to it’s plastic counterparts. It runs on the Android Operating system using Android 5.1.1.
    Using the S812 Quad-core Speed technology with an Octa-core GPU. It has the ability to run anything completely smoothly. This is a massive improvement on other TV Boxes that use either standard Dual core or Quad core technology. (In simple terms, this Box uses more processors when it needs to to carry out tasks smoothly and efficiently). Octa-core technology is seen in the latest Smart phones due to it’s speed and ability to handle anything.

    As the brains of this TV Box are fast, this can sometimes be let down by connection problems. The T8 AML V3 S solves this by having Dual Band WI-FI (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and a 100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet. Connecting your internet to this TV Box will never be a problem.
    With the T8 AML V3 S you can stream TV, Movies, Sport and more via Apps. Whether this be apps freely available in the Google Playstore such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Kodi, TV Catchup etc or via the built in web browser from a website of your choosing.
    There are hundreds of Apps available in the Google Playstore that let you watch your favourite sport aswell. Apps such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and more mean you never miss a beat. Again don’t forget the built in web browser means you can view any website on your TV screen.
    For full details on the T8-AML-V3-S, please visit the product page.

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