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    Purchase the EBox Air Smart Mini Projector

    The EBox Air Smart Mini Projector Android 4.4 is like having a cinema in your home. This portable projector is a fantastic bit of kit. Why have a standard projector, when you can have one with Android built in. Yes, this is a Smart Kodi TV Box and a projector in one portable compact package.

    Experience a Cinema like experience in the comfort of your home!



    Play all of your favourite Android Apps and programs on up to a 120 inch screen. With Android 4.4.2 built in you can view all of your streaming Apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube or whatever app you like.

    Depending how far you set the projector away from your screen/wall you can have any screen size from 30 inches right up to a 120 inch screen in superb quality.


    Smart TV Box

    As well as a projector, this doubles up as a Smart TV Box for your TV by using the HDMI out function. This, overrides the LED function of the projector and displays it to your TV in a native 854 x 480 resolution.



    With a built in speaker, this will be fine for smaller rooms. However, to get the most out of the EBox Air simply connect your Bluetooth Speaker or Soundbar to experience a greater cinema like experience.

    With Bluetooth 4.0 built in this offers a crisper audio transfer rate to your speakers/soundbar or even headphones. If you don’t have a bluetooth speaker etc then, the EBox Air has a headphone jack to connect your headphones or a sound system that way.

    However, this system really comes to life when used with Bluetooth.


    Main Features:

    • 2-1 – Projector and Smart TV Box
    • Android 4.4.2
    • Brand New custom launcher
    • EBMC pre-installed (Based on Kodi 16.1)
    • 16GB eMMc on-board memory
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • Dual Band Wi-Fi
    • 2 USB Ports
    • EntertainmentBox App
    • Main application stores (EntertainmentBox apps, Google apps, Aptoide apps) 


    You can purchase the EBox Air Smart Mini Projector here.


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