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    Every time I factory reset my T8 v2 Box and Flash it with the latest available Wookie Firmware it is fine and works 100% for around 3-5 Hours and then upon switching on/off several times it just is not there! and goes back to the basic Firmware that the box originally comes with, I have flashed the T8 around 8 times over a Year period and every time this situation repeats itself. You can let it stand for months without use and the Wookie Firmware is fine, It seems to be a Memory problem with usage and not through the Android Box not being used. I am following the Factory resetting guides to the letter from the EBox support page but this problem just keeps reoccurring- Can anybody please help?

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    Hi David you seem to have your wires crossed slightly, Wookie doesn’t have firmware (firmware is what operates your device, similar to windows/linux on pc’s), it is a wizard used in Kodi/SPMC/EBMC which is used to install addons. If it is these addons that keep disappearing & your background images, it could be down to not closing down your EBMC/Kodi/SPMC properly. Always make sure you click on the power button/tab with-in EBMC/Kodi/SPMC then select exit from the menu, this will save your current settings. Closing down can take from a few seconds to a few mins depending on the amount of addons you have.

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