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    Good morning

    I recently purchased an E Box Air projector a few months back, from day one I have never been able to watch a local SMB video for more than 20mins on Kodi without the video stopping totally and going back to movie menu.

    All other kodi versions on various other fire sticks etc work flawlessly.

    I have reset the unit to factory on more than one occasion to try to resolve the issue and still the same, have tried with spmc download as well and same issue.

    PS have tried router settings etc, change channel etc etc still local video not playing correctly.

    As a last resort tried my fire stick into HDMI which again works flawlessly plugged into the hdmi projector but when connected through hdmi there’s no volume control at all either through inbuilt speaker or my Bluetooth receiver.

    In ordinary projector mode, Bluetooth connects fine, but once set on HDMI no control of sound volume at all.

    Please advise on these issues.

    Apart from these issues I have to say I love the projector ?

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