OTA update not booting into recovery.


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    I am trying to update via OTA to the latest firmware. But it will not reboot into recovery.

    I am running the firmware 26/07/2016 as i loaded that by SD card.

    I have followed your instructions on the firmware page to the letter for the OTA update.

    It all works till the point of the reboot and it just restarts like normal not into recovery as it should do.

    SuperSU has granted access

    Can anybody advise on how to sort this please?




    Hi Katfish, as far as im aware you are running the latest firmware for the T8-V2 which is dated as 26/07/2016. There was issues with previous firmawares not working via OTA with the T8-V2 which should now be fixed with the current firmware you are using, you can find this noted on the the T8-V2 firmware page here

    T8-AML-V2 Latest Firmware Last updated 26/07/2016

    UPDATE: We have finally managed to resolve the issue of the T8 not booting into recovery after the OTA has finished downloading the latest update. There is an easy fix all you need to do is manually update your Firmware with the link above ,(you will need an SD card) the next OTA update we release will work without any issues.



    So why in the OTA it says there is an update available which is dated for the ?? /09/2016 which it downloads but wont install? As it wont boot into recovery as per the webpage?



    Thanks for your reply, i will get this looked into & get back to you as soon as i have some info for you, at the moment there hasn’t been an update released on the site for the T8-V2 & as i no longer possess one i can’t check the OTA for you. I will let you know as soon as i find out what the issue could be.



    I wonder if anyone can help. I have downloaded, latest firmware and installed onto my fathers t8-aml-v2 box.
    All seems to be going ok.
    however , we did have wookie installed onto Kodi, but the latest firmware comes with Entertainment Box (customised XBMS).

    what is the best way to get the latest stable kodi on there so if I wanted to install the wookie – this is possible?



    Hi Craig, EBMC(EntertainmentBox Media Center) is just an unofficial fork of Kodi(basically a custom version), it works in exactly the same way as Kodi would work.

    You can install Wookie the exact same way as before, if you have any trouble installing Wookie contact them on twitter or facebook for more details.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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