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    HOW TO



    In this help guide we are going to cover most things on KODI settings which will be useful when using KODI app on EBox device. In this guide we have provided steps for KODI 15.2 and KODI 16 version.

    KODI is a registered trademark of XBMC Foundation . And it is a third party app for us for which we have no affliction as its up to user discretion what they install on it for streaming.

    1 – No video on stream only Audio issue ( Black Screen )  –

    So first we will let you know how to resolve the only audio and no video issue when playing streams on it or only lines on TV screen ( No proper Visual ) So for this you will need to change the acceleration settings of KODI. Also different KODI version may have different acceleration settings ( Codec’s ) We have covered the KODI 15.2 and KODI 16 in this help guide.

    First you need to open KODI app via main screen or Apps menu on device .

    Now click System now go to Video . You need to ensure you settings level is Advanced/Expert on it to get the acceleration page on it.

    Now select Acceleration.

    Please refer to below screen for KODI 15.2 acceleration page –

    KODI 15.2

    Please refer to below screen for KODI 16 acceleration page –

    KODI 16


    Now there are various option under it and you need to check with selecting each acceleration settings either one by one or select all on it from the list available until issue is resolved.

    2 – How to change screen Calibration settings )

    Please check our guide for full detail on changing calibration settings on KODI from HERE

    3 – How to adjust Lip Sync issue

    Please check our guide for full detail on how to fix lip sync issue on when streaming on KODI from HERE


    Please check the help video below for more information –


    Please watch the above YouTube tutorial on the complete guide to kodi settings. At EntertainmentBox we offer a various selection of YouTube video tutorials. Whether it be videos on devices or how to do certain things in Kodi. We even provide unboxings of products or links to reviews from some of our great customers.

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