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    Hey guys love my ebox aor but have run into two issue:

    1.The ipvanish app stopped working so I updated it. Still doesn’t work but my account works on other devices. So thought I’d go to WiFi then VPN in settings and do it that way but it asks for a password for credential storage. What is this password?

    2.It’s unclear how to update the device. There is a section in the manual about updating but it’s too small to read. Any ideas?




    Hi Alex, there seems to have been an issue recently with ipvanish & some devices, im not sure if this is due to a recent update of there software or not as i don’t use it myself, i’ll look into it & let you know if i find anything out.

    To update your device, go into ‘My Apps’ & click on ‘EBox OTA’ to run the ‘Over The Air’ update app, once the app loads it will inform you if there is an update available or not, from here select to update your device & follow the onscreen prompts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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