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    My subscription to private Internet access was up tthis morning. So went with the ipvanish which is advertised on the home screen. However, when I connect to a server and press the home button, the program is instantly killed I can’t exit ipvanish without the program stopping. I have logged into a vpn server, connected to different country’s, pressed the home button, done a test or two to see see if the iP has changed and it hasn’t. Open the app again and I was expecting it to be logged in, but it just starts again from scratch. Is there a way that I can stop programs from closing the moment I press the home key on the t8?



    Hi David, this sounds like an issue with your IPVanish software, especially if your PIA software worked fine. Have your tried reinstalling the IPVanish software? or once you’ve enabled it pushing the back/return button instead of the home button?



    As many users may have issue with IpVanish VPN app doesn’t work when pressing Home button and it get’s disconnected. So just to let everyone know that app itself has an issue and IPvanish Team is working on it. They will be releasing new update for app soon and hopefully by next week. You can update Apps from Play store on device.



    I posted in a different thread where i’m having a similar problem but with the web browser, I’m trying to play music through the browser and use Project M app at the same time (something i could do on my M8 box) but as soon as i press the home button its stopping the music, so with you having a similar problem i’m wondering whether its a firmware issue?

    Tho on my M8 box I was running the Mega-Tron Firmware.



    Hello, As far i understand playing things on App or browser can differ browser to browser or app functionality on devices or browser version etc. So please contact application support for help with playing certain things which works on one device and not on other as long as both android so firmware should not be issue on it.

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