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    How to Install Kodi onto your iPhone iPad ipod Easy to follow guide to installing Kodi on to your iDevice


    How to get Kodi on iPhone or iPad (without jailbreaking) step by step guide on how to Sideload Kodi media player app using Xcode 7.
    If you want the Kodi media player app on your iPhone or iPad, but don’t fancy jailbreaking, today’s your lucky day. Here’s how to sideload Kodi on an unjailbroken iOS device, using Xcode
    Can I get Kodi on my iPhone without jailbreaking it?

    You can use this method of installing the Kodi app on your unjailbroken iPhone or iPad.


    How to Install Kodi onto your iPhone iPad ipod

    We provide a Kodi installation service for Apple if you do not want the hassle of installing it by yourself.

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    Guide to Install Kodi onto your iPhone iPad ipod

    1. Download Xcode, Kodi.ipaIOS App Signer.
    2. Create A free Apple ID developer account
    3. Connect your device to your Mac
    4. Open Xcode 7 on your Mac → click Xcode on the top menu bar now click preferences.
    5. Use the + button on the pop up page to add your Apple ID you created in step 2
    6. Launch Xcode → click Create a new Xcode Project → select Application under IOS (not TVos) → Single View Application, and click Next.
    7. In the Product name field, insert a unique name like AppleTVorYourNameHere and click Next → Create
    8. Ensure that your Apple TV is selected in the destination menu at the top left had side of the screen.
    9. Under the Team drop down box, select your Apple ID, and click the Fix Issue button to resolve provisioning issues.
    10. Minimize Xcode and open the iOS App Signer.
    11. Click Browse on the iOS App Signer and select the Kodi.ipa you downloaded in step 1
    12. Select your Apple ID in the iOS App Signer’s Signing Certificate box.
    13. Select the Project name/bundle identifier you just created in step 7
    14. Click Start in the bottom right-hand corner of the iOS App Signer, and the  new .IPA file for will be built and saved to the desktop.
    15. Open Xcode → Window (on top menu bar)→ Devices and select the iDevice
    16. Click the ‘+’ sign and select the .IPA file from the desktop and click Open. the app will now be deployed to your iDevice
    17. Once finished, you should see the app on your Apple TV’s Home screen.


    Unplug your iOS device and unlock it. You’ll see the Kodi icon in the first available space on your device. Depending on your settings, there’s a good chance that you’ll get an ‘Untrusted Developer’ error message when you first tap the icon, and you’ll only be able to tap Cancel. So tap Cancel (or just don’t try to start the app yet), and instead go to Settings > General, and scroll down to, and tap, Device Management (it’s near the bottom of the list). Under DEVELOPER APP, tap on the account you used earlier in the process, then on the next screen, tap Trust “[name of account]”. Then tap Trust again.

    That’s it! Go back to the your Home screen and tap the icon to run the app.







    The Everything Apple page is designed to have all things related to Apple in one place.

    Can an Apple TV 4 be jailbroken and when is it getting released. How to install Kodi on your iPad, or where to buy an Apple TV 4 with Kodi installed. You could want to to try to install Kodi on your iPhone yourselves with our help guides, or use one of our Apple TV 4 Kodi help guides. We even have a list of the best apps for the Apple TV 4, or you could want to download apps from our list of .ipa for your Apple iDevice.

    We even offer a Kodi installation service for most new Apple iDevices if you don’t want the hassle of signing .ipa files and reinstalling them every 3 months.



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