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    HOW TO

    How to fix KODi to display on TV  and How to change the screen calibration on Kodi.

    Do you face issues of screen not Fit to display on KODI with build or setup on it or streams not Fit to display when streaming on KODI ?

    In this guide you will find help for streams as well KODI screen to fit to display for your EntertainmentBox device.

    You need to go to Main settings ( Device, Not on KODI ) > Select display settings or Screen resolution ( Depends on Android version) > Disable auto detect HDMI on it.

    Now set it manually under HDMI output mode settings to 1080p, 50hz or you can set to what suits best according to the capacity of your TV manually by selecting it from the options on it. You should have it all working good now.

    Now you need to change the calibration settings on KODI for streams to Fit to display.
    1 – Open KODI app on your EntertainmentBox device.
    2 – Now go onto System option and click OK on remote.
    3 – Now click on System option at the bottom, once you are inside system option at bottom left side you will see Settings Level, make sure settings level is on Expert. If it is on basic or standard just click on it and it will change to advanced, click again and it will change to Expert.
    4 – Now once the settings level is changed click on Video Output at the top.
    5 – Now go onto Video Calibration and click on it and adjust your screen according to your Tv Screen, make sure the corner lines are visible. You can also refer to the below video to understand the above steps easily.



    In this video we show you How to change the screen calibration Kodi this video will guide you through the steps of changing the screen size in KODI.

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    How to change the screen calibration Kodi


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