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    Hi, I was just wondering if i could have some advice. Currently i have a Droidbox T8-S Box V1, had it a bit over a year now. Unfortunately it keeps rebooting randomly in the middle of things, i have tried to get help from them but they keep asking for my order number which unfortunately i do not have now, which has left me thinking well i might just get a new box then.
    I have been looking both at the EBox T8 V TV box and the EBox H96 Pro+ from what i can see they appear to do exactly the same thing but in different cases and the H96 you cannot put a drive into, which i have never put a drive in my box anyway and don’t really intent to in the future.
    Giving that the H96 has more Ram, comes with android 7.1.2 and is cheaper; would that be the best option for me? I assume the H96 box is a faster box as the hardware specs appear the same apart from the RAM?
    The only one negative i have seen about the H96 box on reviews is poor WIFI capabilities and a lot of review seem to say keep the box very close to the router or it drops out, is there much truth to that or are the WIFI specs the same on both?
    I use my box mainly for kodi (Wookie builds) and showbox, i don’t really install much more than that.
    Or is there any other reason for me to buy the T8 V box instead, is there anything i have missed regarding what the new H96 boxes do?
    I feel like on paper you just get the T8V box if you intend in fitting a hard drive?
    Also, I have the Vip AIR remote which i bought with my old box over a year ago which is really helpful, will that function on both of these boxes? The link to that remote i have is:

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