Do not get fooled into buying a cloned device


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    WARNING DONT GET FOOLED INTO BUYING A FAKE CLONED T8 TV BOX fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO are on the market.

    Warning fake T8S Android box and cheap Cloned T8 PRO TV boxes are finding their way onto the market. The T8s And T8 Pro are very low quality TV boxes.

    The Android T8 TV box  is one of the most popular TV boxes in the UK. It has attracted the attention of many ‘clone manufacturers’ who build unauthorized counterfeit copies of our TV boxes. These are then offered for sale on the internet, usually via web-sites of various Chinese resellers, or on e-Bay. As of early 2015 the fake T8S and T8 PRO boxes are all Cheap attempts to copy the look our TV boxes, as yet they have not been able to copy the hardware only the look of our units.
    The pricing for fake goods is usually half the price of their real counterparts, as the manufacturers usually avoid quality control and use cheaper, unsafe components.

    fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PROfake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO

    fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO








    fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO

    fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO

    With Christmas being the peak period for shoppers looking for cheap goods online, the dangers of buying counterfeit electrical and electronic goods are once again highlighted.

    Advertisements for ‘cheap’ T8 tv boxes  which are actually fakes on internet auction sites. Online market places or via social media sites, is commonplace. These advertisements are convincing and so, in many cases, are the goods, in branding, appearance, packaging and functionality.

    The prices vary from roughly what you’d expect to buying from anywhere apart from reputable, authorised sources, however, can be fraught with danger and result in a variety of issues from unreliable goods which do not work or fall apart – to those which actually threaten your life pay for authentic items, making them even more believable, to ‘bargain-basement’.

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    fake T8S Android box cheap Cloned T8 PRO

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