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    Apple TV 4 Jailbroken, We have an Apple TV 4 jailbreak Guide!

    At long last the Pangu Team has an Apple TV 4 Jailbroken and have just released a jailbreak for the new Apple TV 4. The jailbreak released is limited to Apple TV 4 running tvOS 9.0 and 9.0.1 below is the Apple TV 4 Jailbreak guide, this gives the first real hopes of apps like Cydia to be added to the Apple TV 4. If you’re still on tvOS 9.o or 9.0.1, keep away from tvOS 9.1, 9.1.1 and 9.2 software updates if you want to use this Jailbreak, as those are not supported by the Pangu’s jailbreak and it is impossible to downgrade the firmware to a previous version.

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    How to jailbreak your ATV if you have purchased It from us, or purchased an Apple TV 4 service from EBox 

    If you brought your Apple TV 4 or a service for your Apple TV from us then your in luck if your Apple TV is still on 9.0 or 9.0.1 you can Jailbreak your Apple TV 4 with the minimal of ease click the LIST OF IAP FILES FOR (TVOS) guide below for the simple steps.


    If you have not purchased anything from us then you will need to do it the hard way. Follow the full instructions below.


    Apple TV 4 jailbreak guide

    1. Download Xcode, Jailbreak.ipa, IOS App Signer.
    2. Create A free Apple ID developer account.
    3. Connect your Apple TV 4 to your Mac (don’t forget to also keep your ATV power cable connected too)
    4. Open Xcode 7 on your Mac → click Xcode on the top menu bar now click preferences.
    5. Use the + button on the pop up page to add your Apple ID you created in step 2
    6. Launch Xcode → click Create a new Xcode Project → select Application under tvOS → Single View Application, and click Next.
    7. In the Product name field, insert a unique name like AppleTVorYourNameHere and click Next → Create
    8. Ensure that your Apple TV is selected in the destination menu at the top left had side of the screen.
    9. Under the Team drop down box, select your Apple ID, and click the Fix Issue button to resolve provisioning issues.
    10. Minimize Xcode and open the iOS App Signer.
    11. Click Browse on the iOS App Signer and select the Jailbreak.ipa you downloaded in step 1
    12. Select your Apple ID in the iOS App Signer’s Signing Certificate box.
    13. Select the Project name/bundle identifier you just created in step 7
    14. Click Start in the bottom right-hand corner of the iOS App Signer, and the  new .IPA file for will be built and saved to the desktop.
    15. Open Xcode → Window (on top menu bar)→ Devices and select the Apple TV 4
    16. Click the ‘+’ sign and select the .IPA file from the desktop and click Open. the Jailbreak will now be deployed to your Apple TV 4
    17. Once finished, you will see the Jailbreak app on the Apple TV’s Home screen, click this icon to jailbreak your Apple TV 4.

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    Cydia possible in the future?

    This jailbreak provides SSH access without GUI-based features and is mainly aimed at jailbreak developers and security researchers. its not going to give you an app icon or anything like that only Access to the file systems.  With that said, this should still be considered as a good news as it opens the door for new modifications and improvements to the Apple TV. For instance, jailbreak developers could provide a way for users to theme the interface of Apple TV apart from enjoying new features, we could even see a Cydia for the Apple TV 4 in the near future.


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