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    applications to improve the running your tv box


    We have the best Applications to improve the running your TV box. The easiest way to get these apps on your device is to use your devices built in Internet browser and just visit this post. Click the links and you will be able to install them without needing to transfer apps from your laptop or PC to the device.

    The Android platform is growing exponentially. Whether you’re using it on a smartphone or a tablet (or even indirectly, with the Chrome OS), Android is an outstanding operating system. It offers the flexibility of Linux and the user-friendliness of iOS. But like any platform, it can get to the point where it requires cleaning up. My personal device recently enjoyed a complete system reset . It had become so bogged down with files and apps (mostly from testing and reviewing) that I was noticing a significant slowdown on all levels.

    But even if you don’t have the time or the inclination to perform a full system restore, you can do some regular upkeep to make sure your system is clean. Here are five tools to help you do just that.

    Click to download Teamviewer 9 for Windows and Mac (used for services)

    Teamviewer will alow us to remotly access your PC/ Mac in order to install apps onto your iDevice or android based TV box

    EntertainmentBox Android App

    This App has it all downloads, help videos, you can even use it to have a chat with other users. This App will be constantly updated with new features This is an all in one android App.

    Reboot Manager

    Reboot Manager (reboot your device to recovery or to boot logo).

    Bionic TCP

    Bionic TCP (increases the buffer sizes for your device).

    Clear Cache

    Clear Cache (clear cookies, temporary files and cache for Apps with one click).

    Auto start

    Auto start (automatically start user-selected Apps after the device boots up).

    Advert blocker

    Advert blocker (block unwanted adverts when using some Apps).

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