Hi Ladies and Gents,
Today I updated my T8 v2 box with the latest firmware after doing a Force stop, clear cach and data on Kodi,
I used the boot to recovery app after the download and had a SD card slotted in the T8 which I’d put all the files from
the Firmware download,
After this was all done and dusted I then downloaded the Wookie wizard Zip and installed it,
After it installed I was kicked out of Kodi and I then clicked Kodi again to go back, The Wookie started but on the screen
where Wookie starts melting/falling to bits I was kicked back again, This happened 4 times before I eventually managed to get on the wookie/kodi screen where i could pick what i wanted to watch…..
Hope you can understand by my description of what was happening

Anyone know why my T8 v2 is doing this please and what I can do to stop it?

Thank you,