Many Thanks, used the guide today to install apps to a fire tv 4k.

Have done hundreds of droidboxes, this was the first amazon box /stick I have set up.

Kodi worked good, but most of the standalone movie / tv apps are unusable like showbox, cartoonhd, mega hd etc as the curser wont move round the screen with the standard remote, left right up and down functions just do not work.

Tried it with a s77 remote and it seemed to work on some functions(mouse movement on screen) and not on others(some button selections) but far from the usability of a droidbox. Tried the amazon fire tv app on my phone as well, not any better.

I had heard people raving about how amazing the amazon products where, but if this is the best that can be acheived then I could never recommend them.

Have I missed something or is there a controller solution for these products to make them usable like a droidbox.