Fortnite welcomes the Borderlands! Come meet the new crossover!

Fortnite welcomes the Borderlands! Come meet the new crossover!

Epic Games knows that millions of Fortnite fans love new crossovers, so it has decided to launch a new event with the new update (v10.20). This time, Fortnite fans will welcome the popular Borderlands!

The island's gas station has been transformed into an authentic Borderlands-inspired madness zone. You'll be able to find all the graphic features of the popular game, featuring bold colors and a characteristic comic book style.

Borderlands Crossover Brings New Additions to Fortnite World

As you would expect, this crossover not only brings changes to the island of Fortnite. For users who like to invest their money, they will be able to use Borderlands' Psycho and Claptrap characters.

During this event, which will end on September 10th, a few more surprises will be released, which will include new weapon skins and Borderlands sprays.

Fortnite Borderlands Crossover

According to the Epic Games publication, this new area, called Pandora zone, will bring some features that could be crucial to player success. Any player who can stay longer than 4 seconds in this area without damage will receive a protective shield.

Other news of the new update

In addition to the Borderlands crossover, the new update brings some more news for Fortnite fans. A new Shield Bubble will be introduced, which will be the perfect answer to all the controversy caused by the creation of B.R.U.T.E mechs. This new shield will protect players from projectiles and explosives for 30 seconds, or until their 400 point life runs out.

This will be the ideal protection against the controversial war machines. However, in 1v1 confrontation between players, it is possible to cross the shield and deal damage to the player.

From now on, all players will be able to see directions on the map of B.R.U.T.E. However, there will be no information that reveals whether it is available or already occupied.

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