Fortnite takes drastic action against fees charged by Apple and Google

Epic Direct Pay

Epic Games, responsible for Fortnite, has taken a very critical stance towards the fees that Apple and Google apply in their application stores. Both American giants charge 30% of all transfers made in applications present in their stores.

To get around that fee, Epic Games has just launched a new payment system for purchases within Fortnite. By using this new system, you will be paying directly to the company responsible for the game, thus circumventing the Play Store and App Store policies.

Fortnite purchases can be paid directly to Epic Games

It’s important to note that it’s still possible to use Apple’s and Google’s payment systems for purchases made within Fortnite. However, Epic Games encourages players to use their system at a 20% discount.

Epic Direct Pay

Epic Games stresses that this discount is not temporary, so it applied the same prices on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Windows. In addition, the studio stresses that this system is completely safe, so don’t be afraid to use it.

This drastic move is the latest chapter in Epic Games’ fight against Apple and Google’s abusive policies. By discarding the 30% tax imposed by the American giants, the studio says it will pass those savings on to players by offering them more accessible content.

The studio also supports its position with the fact that there are other applications enjoying an exemption from the 30% fee charged by Apple. She highlights applications from Amazon, McDonalds, Uber or Lyft as examples of this practice.

Will this decision have other consequences?

With Epic Games circumventing one of the fundamental rules of the App Store and Play Store, we cannot help wondering whether this will have consequences. And the most serious thing that comes to mind is a possible expulsion of Fortnite from these stores.

However, precedents like the ones I exemplified above can guarantee Epic Games the maintenance of its popular game in the main app stores. Certainly, this measure by Epic Games is still going to talk.

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