Fortnite remains one of the most popular games today, with many millions of active players on virtually all platforms. However, Epic Games has been through a difficult time, having to constantly postpone the launch of the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2.

After an agonizing wait, fans of the game can finally enjoy all the news that the second season has to offer. For the more distracted, the new season has the theme “secret agents”, arriving with the name Season 2: Top Secret.

Deadpool is featured in the new Fortnite Season

As expected, the new season will bring a handful of new items, from accessories to use in game with the various skins and emotes to personalize your character.

For players who purchase the Battle Pass for the new season, they will have the opportunity to earn the incredible skin of the popular Deadpool. Obviously, this achievement is made by successfully completing a series of challenges.

At the start of the season, players will need to choose which team they want to battle – Ghost or Shadow – and complete their team’s specific challenges. According to Epic Games, players who successfully complete the list of challenges and missions will receive 1,500 VBucks as a reward.

Fortnite Island received several changes to its “landscapes”

In order to make the “Top Secret” theme more engaging, Epic Games has brought numerous new features to the Fortnite island, including:

  • A giant and luxurious yacht
  • Oil platform
  • Underground platform for landing helicopters
  • Mansion by the sea
  • Secret Service Headquarters

Fortnite Mansion

Fortnite Yacht

Fortnite Oil Platform

Fortnite Helipad

Even though these were very interesting implementations and with several interactive elements, it is certain that Fortnite fans were waiting for a little more. After all, Fortnite Island has gone through almost the past 4 months without any changes.

Epic Games has revealed that this second season will last until April 30, if there is no unforeseen event. So, you have roughly 10 weeks to complete all the challenges.

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