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Google Lens has arrived at Google Gboard! You will love the new integration

If you use Google Gboard as the main keyboard, you will love to know that Google...

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: real smartphone images clarify some issues

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is set to be officially unveiled with the Mi 10. The...

Google Pixel 3 hits the spot when shooting Eminem music video

The Mountain View company's new flagship products were introduced earlier this month, but Google Pixel 3...

Polar M600: the complete review 2020

The Finnish manufacturer was a pioneer in the cardiac monitoring of competitors since the 1970s. An expertise that has enabled it to carve out...

Fortnite Season 8 Arrives Stuffed with Pirates, Volcanoes and Pyramids

Fortnite Season 8 is now available! In addition to several dozen new items that you will be able to collect with Battle Pass, it also features the arrival of Pirates and many map changes you'll have to explore.

Among the many new features on the map, you'll find 'Praia da Preguiça' where a classic pirate boat will be. Just like the 'Divine Steps', where you'll find several pyramids integrated into what appears to be a city of Mayan civilization.

Fortnite Season 8 Official

After seeing its revenues drop almost 50% during January, Epic Games will bet heavily on Fortnite Season 8 to bring revenue back to the usual level.

Fortnite Season 8 brings a lot of news you won't want to miss!

Much of the rumors about this new season pointed to the "Pirates" theme, which was eventually confirmed. As has become usual, with the arrival of the new season, skins. Where not only included skins relating to the topic but also a hilarious skin that will turn your character into a giant banana.

When it comes to weapons, you'll be able to 'play' with the new pirate cannon. This cannon deals 100 direct impact damage and 50 area damage. In addition, it can be used to 'shoot users'. Therefore it will certainly be used many times as a means of transport.

Fortnite Season8-3

On the other hand, two new time-limited game modes were implemented: "50×50" and "Close Encounters". In the first, two teams of 50 players will face each other until one is decimated. In the second mode, all players start the game with a jet pack and the only weapons available will be shotguns.

Finally, many more changes and implementations were made. So if you want to know all the details of Fortnite's new season, go to the official website where all the information was published.

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