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Fortnite Season 2 could be the worst news for your humble PC

The main novelty of Fortnite Season 2

Fortnite season 2

As we have already said, the big update will arrive on February 20th, a date that is a delay if we take into account the period normally handled in the new versions and expected until now, however, everything has its explanation.

As noted in the official release of the update, developers are working tirelessly to apply the new physics engine Chaos from Unreal Engine, a version of the famous graphic engine that will allow objects and structures to develop collapses when destroyed. For you to understand quickly, when cutting a tree with your beak, instead of seeing large pieces break and disappear as if nothing, now we could see more real pieces fall on the ground and remain on the map. In this demo of Unreal Engine you can see exactly what happens with the new physics engine:

The example of the tree is an assumption, but it is basically what could be done with Chaos. As you can see in the following video, the results that can be obtained with the new version of the engine are spectacular at the level of destruction, and taking into account the construction touch that the game has, the new effects could be impressive.

Season 2 may need more powerful computers

The problem of including effects and new physics is that the computers needed to move those new effects could be higher than those indicated in today’s minimum requirements. It is something that we live in each new season, since the demands increase and the minimum level of performance of a computer grows progressively.

At the moment there is nothing confirmed, but if you currently move Fortnite with difficulty, you should keep in mind that the next update could make things more difficult for your dear computer. It is terrible news for many of the players who have more humble computers in terms of specifications, so it will be necessary to see how much the change affects and, most importantly, if there is any way to prevent it from being applied to Do not affect the performance of the equipment.

One last update before Season 2

But before Season 2 comes with the big change, Epic Games will launch a update 11.50 with small changes, and from there on you will start small tests with some groups of players to polish all the problems that can be found until you make the big jump.

It seems that the challenge of reaching the Unreal Chaos physics engine is being quite complicated, and seeing the precautions that the developer is taking, it seems that Season 2 will give enough to talk about. Meanwhile, on the official website they have left the following encrypted message:

The second season of chapter 2 will feature with multiple . We still can’t reveal what are the secrets that lie ahead …

What will they mean by that?

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