For the past few weeks Fortnite and Epic Games have been in the limelight, thanks to the war the studio started against Apple and its app store, AppStore. After Epic Game broke the AppStore and Google Play Store terms and conditions, Fortnite ended up being banned from iOS devices.

Today, thousands of players no longer have access to their Fortnite accounts, being unable to log in and receiving messages saying they do not have permissions to play. After many reports of possible “mass bans” of players, Epic Games turned to the “Fortnite Status” Twitter account to inform players that they are aware of the many problems and are working on a solution.

The developer team decided to take many of the Fortnite servers offline so that they could try to solve the problem. Although they have not yet revealed the source of the problem, it serves at least a rest for many players, who thought they were banned from Fortnite.

Epic Games continues to wage a tough battle against Apple

While it is practically impossible for Epic Games to get Apple and Google to change their practices with regard to fees charged at their app stores, the Fortnite creator appears unwilling to let go.

After having implemented in Fortnite a way for users to be able to make in-game purchases using the AppStore or Google Play Store, the game was banned from both platforms, being only available for Android through its APK. Following Apple’s actions, Epic Games decided to start a court case, accusing Apple of bad practices.

So far, Apple seems to be getting the better of it, managing to keep its position intact as to the percentage it charges programmers, despite not being able to permanently ban Epic Games and its Unity Engine from the App Store. Even though they tried to ban the Fortnite creator completely, they already revealed that they are willing to forget what happened if the company removes the most recent implementation.

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