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Web Summit 2020 will be fully online under COVID-19

Europe's biggest technological event will be completely online this year. The Web Summit 2020 is celebrated...

Huawei P40. Image reveals full smartphone design

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How to translate web content quickly on Android and iOS

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Fortnite: "INEM Van" arrives in the next update!

Fortnite is not only one of today's most popular games in the gaming community, it is also one of the most constantly receiving news. Now Epic Games is preparing the arrival of a new item that will surely give you a lot to talk about.

The studio has recently revealed that in the next update will be introduced the 'Reboot Van', which in essence will be a kind of "INEM van" for players who have already been eliminated.

Fortnite INEM

It is true! Finally it will be possible to resurrect players in Fortnite, whether you are playing in Duos or Squads. Although Epic Games did not reveal in great detail what this 'Reboot Van' will do, they have revealed that you can 'resurrect eliminated comrades'.

Soon you will have a second chance to win at Fortnite

According to the Fortnite Insider website, the new van will be introduced in the update to v8.30. However, they note that there is no official release date for this update yet.

Apparently, as soon as a player is resurrected, he will be 'dropped' at the top of the van without any weapons or resources. That is, it will be as vulnerable as if it were the start of the game. The difference is that your opponents will be 'armed to the teeth'.


To make the whole process even more interesting, every time a player is resurrected, a beam of light will be emitted from long distances, as well as a warning sound. Of course, these warnings were implemented to alert enemies that may be in the vicinity of the van.

So whenever you take advantage of the "INEM van" to save one of your teammates, remember that they must be quick to flee to a safe haven. Otherwise, it is likely that both your friend and you will be eliminated within seconds …

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