Home Gaming Fortnite gets desired crossover with Star Wars! Know all the new skins

Fortnite gets desired crossover with Star Wars! Know all the new skins

Fortnite gets desired crossover with Star Wars! Know all the new skins

As you might expect, the already popular partnership between Epic Games and Disney has just come to fruition, with several official content from the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker being introduced at Fortnite.

From now on, you will be able to purchase various official skins from various characters in the movie, as well as gliders, banners, emotes and picks. All items can be purchased with v-bucks or real money.

Fortnite Star Wars

You don't have to spend money to get some of the news.

Although the vast majority of new Star Wars cosmetics at Fortnite are only accessible to those willing to invest money, there are two that you can get for free.

Star Wars Fortnite

The new Star Wars banners can't be bought and are extremely easy to add to your collection. For that, you just need to ask two friends to send you as a gift, it's totally free!

It has not been revealed whether Epic Games will release any free Star Wars-related content that can be unlocked by completing a few challenges. However, certainly such an implementation would be very well received by millions of players.

Star Wars Fortnite Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 promises big news for 2020

For now it's just speculation, but it seems that Epic Games is preparing big news for Fortnite in 2020. The first season of Chapter 2 has been extended until the end of the year, leaving players a bit disappointed. However, Epic Games remains committed to bringing a host of new features to keep the game attractive for players of all levels.

It has not been confirmed yet, but it seems that this "extra time" won by the developers team could mean that they are working on big news for next year.

The surprise factor and big news release have remained the highlight of Fortnite and certainly Epic Games will not give it up in 2020.

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