Fortnite for Android: The First Invitations to Play Are Coming

Fortnite for Android: The First Invitations to Play Are Coming
Epic Games starts sending more Fortnite invitations to Android

After conquering the world of iOS, Epic Games has had an extremely complicated mission to bring Fortnite to Android. Firstly, it is impossible to overlook the fact that it is not available via Google Play Store, making the whole process risky for users.

On the other hand, its arrival on Android smartphones has been quite turbulent. During the first 3 days it featured itself as Samsung's flagship exclusive, launching with the Galaxy Note 9. Since then, millions of users have been waiting for the last invitation, but the wait is proving to be too long.

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Any Android smartphone can easily install the Fortnite app, but that app serves as a bridge to later download of the game itself. So far, very few users have received the invitation.

According to publications in the Reddit, several users have now started receiving your invitations. Apparently only Google Pixel 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S are being allowed to install the game. However, here at EBox we have a Mi Mix 2S with the registration done, and we are still waiting for the arrival of the desired email.

Fornite for Android continues to arrive at "snail speed" and full of bugs

There is no confirmation whatsoever from Epic Games. But it seems that they will finally start expanding Fortnite for Android. This makes it available to more smartphones.

While this process can be expected to be relatively fast, there is no way to guarantee it. Especially considering that according to reports that have been circulating, the version of Fortnite for Android is presenting too many bugs and malfunctions. Not to mention features that have not yet been implemented.

Several players have reported that on their smartphones, the game works, but with huge problems. Much of the information turns out to be about flow problems. Where Epic Games has limited Fortnite for Android to 30fps (frames per second).

With all the problems of its arrival on Google's operating system, the popular Battle Royale game is expected to be more stable by the end of the year. Moreover, users are looking forward to having support for external commands implemented.

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The wish to be able to use accessories to play Fortnite for Android is quite understandable. The popular Epic Games title turns out to be an extremely complex game. Especially with regard to the number of controls and actions required to play at a good level. Certainly all players in mobile versions feel somewhat unable to play at the same level as their friends on consoles / computer.

One thing is for sure, Fortnite is here to stay on Android smartphones. No doubt Epic Games will do everything in its power to keep the millions of gamers happy. Finally, here at EBox, we will continue to await the invitation so that we can test the game on our Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s.

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