Fortnite: Epic Games pays homage to player who threw himself off a cliff!

Fortnite: Epic Games pays homage to player who threw himself off a cliff!

The big Fortnite phenomenon was once again in the spotlight as it received a major update that completely revamped the entire game scenario with "Chapter 2". With this new phase in the popular Battle Royale, new features have been implemented, such as the presence of boats and the ability to swim in the water.

At the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2, a player posted a hilarious video of his first session on the new map. As expected, I was anxious to see how "swimming" works in the game, but it didn't go as expected. While swimming in the river, he was thrown off a cliff landing headfirst on the ground, and was immediately eliminated.

Epic Games pays hilarious tribute to Fortnite player

The video has gone viral over the past few weeks and clearly caught the attention of Epic Games developers. In the most recent update, it implemented a grave, flowers and a "no swim" sign exactly where the player died.

As expected, the player has not missed the opportunity to share a photograph of his character next to his grave, and with the zombie skin to keep the "realism" high.

Epic Games Fortnite

This kind of action by Epic Games makes your relationship with the large community of Fortnite even stronger. In addition to the constant implementation of news, events and improvements, these small gestures show that they are alert and that players' pleasure always comes first.

This is not the first time Epic has done anything like this. Last year, after a failed "rescue mission," the developers team also decided to honor the "deadly victim" of the incident.

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