Fortnite at 120 FPS on iPad Pro

The last version 11.40.1 has incorporated the possibility of playing 120 fps, so that Apple tablet owners can take full advantage of the Pro Motion screen, which offers a 120 Hz refreshment with which to enjoy crisp and extremely smooth images in motion.

This is a very important advantage when playing games, however, the titles must be prepared for it. And that’s just what Epic Games has done with the latest update, improving game performance to take full advantage of the screen refresh rate. The problem? That said rate requires potential, and although the Apple tablet processor is a great wonder, it is not enough to handle the graphics of Fortnite With every little detail.

To make everything work as it should, developers have applied an automatic graphics adjustment that helps balance resolution and texture quality so everything works correctly. The result is a lower resolution image and a limitation of the graphics to “medium quality”. It is a type of adjustment already used before, since if we play at 60 fps the graphics are kept at “high”, while if we do it at 30 fps, they would be in “epic”. In summary, this would be the configuration of the graphics according to the rate of images per second chosen:

  • 120 fps: Graphics in medium quality (and lower resolution)
  • 60 fps: High quality graphics
  • 30 fps: Graphics in quality epic

So yes, the combination of iPad hardware and the necessary adjustments make Fortnite visually run faster and more smoothly on an iPad than on a PS4, however, the price to pay is a lower resolution than the native one of the screen and a Textures quality inferior to what we could achieve with another frame rate. In the end, these adjustments are the ones that the professional players squeeze to the maximum to be able to obtain the best performance that allows them to gain thousandths of a second in each shot. The question is, who plays professionally from an iPad?

How to activate Fortnite 120 fps on iPad Pro

To activate the new video mode you must enter the Fortnite configuration panel, and in the screen section select the refresh rate of 120 images per second.

The update has also included a small change in the support of controls, since now the game will recognize the thumb buttons of the analog controls (the typical L3 and R3), so you will have more combinations to choose when mapping your controls


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