Home Gaming Fortnite Adds Split-Screen to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Fortnite Adds Split-Screen to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Fortnite Adds Split-Screen to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Fortnite's latest update brought a desired feature: local split-screen cooperation mode. This way, two players can team up on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, splitting the screen horizontally for each player.

This feature is only supported on the mentioned consoles and in Duo or Squad modes, ie co-op modes. However, Epic Game says it will improve functionality over time. Importantly, this option is not available in PvP mode for obvious reasons.

Split Screen in this type of games is quite rare.

Aside from exceptions like Gears of War 5 and Star Wars: Battlefront II, shooter games do not have a function where two people can enjoy the game while sitting on a couch. Which is quite ironic considering that the overwhelming majority of FPS (first person shooters) focus on multiplayer modes.

After all, the experience of playing with friends cannot be limited to sitting in the player's house for miles away. It is a very smart move for Fortnite to include this function. Since its player base is quite young, this role encourages socialization, even in the gaming context.

Therefore, playing Fortnite will no longer be such a "lonely" experience. This update brings version 11.30 with other minor changes such as in-store, ammo indicator, preview of in-store mobile items, and preparations for the event commemorating Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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