Home Android Former Nokia executive points out 4 reasons why Windows Phone failed!

Former Nokia executive points out 4 reasons why Windows Phone failed!

Former Nokia executive points out 4 reasons why Windows Phone failed!

These were moments of anguish that led Windows Phone (and consequently Windows 10 Mobile) to total failure. Many brand lovers believed in the system and terminals, but it turned out to be unsustainable for Microsoft to continue with a system that few bought.

The competition from Android and iOS was too great, however, was not their only problem. One of Nokia's former executives points out the biggest flaws in the operating system and why it has crashed in the smartphone market.

Windows Phone

1- Microsoft underestimated Android:

The former employee says they did not believe Google could do what it did to the market. Nokia (and Microsoft) believed that if they avoided Google services they could get there on their own. At least to those customers who didn't use them. However, Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail turned out to be too important and spread like a plague. When they joined these services, it was too late.

2- Windows 8 ruined Windows Phone:

When Windows 8 came out, many complained about the PC operating system. By the way, (on a personal note) I stopped using Windows computers on Windows 8 for its poor quality. This, according to the executive, made users associate Windows 8 with Windows Phone 8.

3- Bad reputation from Microsoft

Statistics indicated that young people were not Microsoft's biggest lovers. This bad reputation and ineffective change in mindset for those who disliked the service also made many users prefer to choose Android and iOS.

4- Android and iOS users were satisfied

As much as the Windows system improved over time, Android and iOS users were happy. The problem was that they couldn't have anything else to value their system. Nothing new to draw users to your beloved Windows Phone.

A point that I think is important

I believe that there was no talk of the applications. Windows Phone could well have been able to win over users of low end devices. Incidentally, there were many Lumia that I recommended due to the lightness of the operating system. However, the lack of applications was simply ridiculous.

The total irreverence of your "app store" too. If you look at the Android and iOS Apps store they are not much different. Users who moved to Windows Phone from one of the other platforms got lost in the app store. At the end of the adventure they always left without the application they were looking for because the developer didn't bother to develop it.

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