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Forget the Samsung T5, the WD MyPassport SSD is the new king

WD MyPassport SSD, the new rival to beat

There are a multitude of storage solutions on the market, and each one still has its target audience. Still, SSD drives they are the ones that have grown the most in popularity among the majority of users. And it is logical, the price reduction and the advantages they offer at the performance They have allowed workflows to improve dramatically.

Of course, they are not only used for traditional use as a unit connected to a computer. Right now, mobile devices such as the iPad or cameras capable of recording on them such as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema can take advantage of its advantages.

Among all the existing options, one of the most popular for a long time has been the Samsung T5. These not only offered a very small size, making them ideal for day to day, but also a great performance. Hence, its price was progressively decreasing thanks to its greater demand.

However, Western Digital recently announced its new My Passport SSD and after seeing some tests it seems that it is going to position itself as the new reference in terms of solid storage solutions for both professionals and users with a somewhat more advanced and demanding profile.

An SSD disk to always carry with you

With a fairly compact design, somewhat reminiscent of SanDisk SSDs, these drives are available in four colors. A small detail that is always liked by those looking for a bit of customization when buying accessories to use with their daily devices.

Of course, the best of all is that it comes, logically, with a USB C connection that allows you to take advantage of that higher transfer speed to achieve 1050MB / s read and 1000MB / s sequential write.

With these theoretical numbers that in practice seem to remain very close in almost all kinds of situations, the new drives deliver much needed performance Today when working with large amounts of data or files as heavy as those that many cameras can generate when recording at 4K resolutions and even 8K as the latest Canon EBoxS R5.

Next to a USB C to USB C cable that incorporates, a detail also to be appreciated is that it includes a small USB C to USB A adapter. This may seem silly is something that is valued, because today there are users who do not have this port or on their computer desktop or laptop. And a second cable not so practical. So good to WD for including it.

For the rest, the units include backup software that can provide something of value, although having other more consolidated options on both Windows and Mac and Linux, it is not a reason to buy.

The keys and the real interest in these drives are in their read and write speeds as well as their compact size.

A storage unit to consider

If you dedicate yourself to creative subjects or to manage large amounts of files every day, surely you value the speed of access to your data. Therefore, these units are positioned as a very good option if you need more performance than usual for most conventional users.

In addition, the price is not that high if we compare characteristics with other similar ones or with the competition (for example the Samsung T5 units reach over 500 MB / s in reading and writing).

So, now that you know them, it is up to you to decide whether or not what you need. But at least you know they exist and you have another option to choose from. Regarding prices, the 500GB model costs 149.99 euros, 1TB amounts to 249.99 euros and 2TB is going to the 419.99 euros. Look out for the next Black Friday.


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