No gaming via streaming on iOS devices

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As a convinced player of the video game via streaming and iPad user, having the possibility of using the Apple tablet to access GeForce Now or Google Stadia is something that interests me a lot. But I’m going to get the idea out of my head, because Apple does not like the game via streaming. At least not as these companies suggest.

As Bloomberg publishes, the rules of the App Store do not allow the game via streaming, much less offer an application that serves as a repository for a set of titles that do not belong to that company or are exclusively licensed.

An app may offer a single subscription that is shared between its apps and services, but cannot be extended to third-party apps or services. Games offered by a subscription must be the sole property of the developer (must not be part of a game publication). Each game must be downloadable directly from the App Store, be designed to avoid duplicate payment by a subscriber, and not harm non-subscriber customers.

In other words, with this explanation, none of the current proposals for streaming games have anything to do. Therefore, even Microsoft’s xCloud is going to be very complicated when its development is finished. Because a beta version is currently available through TestFlight, but that only includes Halo can be explained by this. Halo is a game developed by Microsoft, so it would comply. But when you want to add, for example, the 90 that you already offer in the Android version, you won’t be able to.

Why does Apple do this? Well they are based on security and user experience, they want it to be the best. Although this raises another question, do they really succeed or do they harm their customers by limiting them in options? Because if you ask the majority of users they will surely tell you that they would be interested in being able to play titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and the like, PC games that the iPad or iPhone cannot yet aspire to.

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In the end, after reading all those rules, the logical thing is to think that they are custom-written for Apple Arcade, to favor their service, which is integrated into the App Store itself. It could be so, even more so knowing the importance of services in the company’s total revenue, but if these apps did the same, they would have no problems either. So you can’t go on with that argument.

The issue is that Apple, even without being the developer of all of them, has licensed them to make them exclusive. But for Google or Nvidia that is an impossible option to execute. And since they are not exclusive either, because of the games they are, they cannot be offered as a download from the store either.

So, in the end, that large percentage of users interested in the game via streaming are the ones who lose. And it is an important number, because there are 1,000 million iOS devices on the market. Hopefully, at some point a solution is found, because I admit that the App Store has given a lot to users and developers. But it is time to open a little or to find solutions that convince both parties. And no, the options to play games running on the local network such as Steam Link or PS4 Remote Play do not count as the streaming game we want.