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Ford wants to improve the safety of cyclists with emojis and this jacket

Ford and the emoji jacket

You live in the city that you live, but especially in the larger ones, riding a bicycle offers many advantages and also involves significant risks. There are drivers who still do not know what are the basic safety rules and measures that must be followed to ensure the safety of cyclists. Hence the number of incidents has increased.

Ford, within its “share the road” campaign, has created a particular jacket with the intention of facilitating communication between cyclists and other drivers while improving their safety by making them more visible. This jacket, the emoji jacket as we might call it, includes a series of LEDs on the back with which different symbols and emojis can be represented.

For example, with the use of a happy face you could show the cyclist’s mood. Or use one with a frown, etc. Of course it would not be the only thing, there would also be the possibility of representing different symbols to indicate maneuvers that could be performed on one side or the other, or to warn that it will reduce speed or slow down.

Uses and possibilities have many, but also the occasional counterpoint in the face of a real offer. And, if you put on a backpack, something common in cyclists who travel the city, directly would not be seen and lose all effectiveness. But what if you could use any emoji with her?

Other inventions to improve the safety of cyclists

Lumos Helmet

Ford’s proposal is not the only one that has been tested with the use of LEDs and screens to improve the visibility and indications of cyclists. For example, the Lumos company has already created a cyclist helmet with LEDs that allowed drivers to be warned of the cyclist’s intentions.

Like the lights of a vehicle, if it stopped, a steady light would come on indicating the maneuver in the helmet. All this was controlled with a control that is installed on the handlebars of the bike.

There are also different lights that are installed on the bike itself and that by using sensors and smartphone applications are able to “read” dangerous situations when entering a roundabout, crossings, etc. An example of these lights is See Sense.

Of course, not only this type of technological products with lights and batteries lives the modern cyclist. Levis even also took out a line of clothing that looked like the classic of the manufacturer, but where reflective strips alerted the clueless drivers of the presence of the cyclist.

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