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Huawei Nova 8 SE has specifications and design revealed before official presentation

Even though it starts to look like Huawei may start to hope that everything can return...

Latest M96X Plus TV Box Firmware Download Android 7.1

This firmware is for M96X Plus TV Box with Amlogic S912 as CPU. Click to download the latest Android 7.1 Firmware for M96X Plus TV...

What’s going on? She-Hulk ‘actress’ denies being the lead

Looking for the protagonist of She-Hulk Find the protagonist of She-hulk (or Hulka as some also refer to this character) is being much more complicated...

OnePlus 8: Video shows what the next high-end Android will look like

OnePlus has not yet officially unveiled its "T" models for Europe and we already have a...

Follow our review of the news of the week in the world of videogames live

Finish the week and play judo review. Today we bring you a new live program with the ability to review all the most outstanding news in the world of video games, so don’t go too far and join us in our Twitch program “CoopTV talks

The best live video game news of the week

This time we will start the broadcast at 6:00 p.m. (time in UK) to keep an eye on everything the week has left us. Through the video that we leave below, you can follow live our broadcast made by @krlitosmtnez Y @dekuwa, and can also provide your comments through the chat we have enabled for it.

These are the topics we will discuss in the broadcast:

  • The best-selling games of the month of December they reflect a clear domain of PS4 and Nintendo Switch in UK. Xbox One and PC suffer hard against the strongest platforms in the market. Piracy and the existence of Xbox Game Pass could be related. We will talk about it.
  • January is the month of delays, Dying Light 2 announces that its launch is postponed until further notice.
  • PS5 still offers no details, but PlayStation already has a new slogan for the new generation. Are the rumors filtered a few days ago confirmed? It’s time to Play.
  • The Oliver and Benji video game It appears by surprise and seems quite funny. The first gameplay videos have been published and could have lights and leftovers. We talked about the arrival of this soccer arcade.
  • With the idea of ​​preparing the launch of Half-Life: AlyxValve is allowing through its Steam app store that anyone interested can play the saga completely for free. They are games that must be played.
  • Xbox Game Pass has received new additions to its catalog. We review the titles that reach Xbox One and PC.
  • The mythical Tetris disappeared this week from the App Store and Play Store, worse has returned in the form of new game. What exactly happened?
  • Assimilation, the new Apex Legends Season 4. New weapons, modes, new legends and all the details of this new update.
  • What are we playing? We tell you what game we are playing right now.

Latest Posts

Google Stadia offers 2 irresistible discounts and a free game until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out!

Google Stadia is becoming an increasingly popular platform, being one of the most sought after cloud...

Fortnite: 8 year old hired for $ 33,000 by eSports team

Joseph Deen, an 8-year-old American child, was hired to play Fortnite at a professional level by...

Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors

Prequel to The Mandalorian? Disney would even have the actors Images Youtube Videos

Apple: new iPhone 12 have some battery problems

The new range of Apple smartphones consists of four models, the iPhone mini, iPhone 12, iPhone...

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Direct with up to three guests, this is how Instagram improves your Live

Intagram lives with up to three guests During the first months of the pandemic we all saw how the use of Instagram Live was skyrocketing....

Nintendo Switch: these are the 30 most popular games on the eShop in UK! (September)

Being one of the most popular consoles ever in the history of video games, it is...

Apple and Microsoft eradicated Meltdown and Specter from macOS and Windows

Meltdown and Specter These were the names given to the two latest threats that have already...

NBA 2K18: Know more about special edition and release date

As usual, in all NBA games released, they come up with these special editions. These will...

Samsung prepares new line of smartphones in which cameras will be the focus

Samsung has a vast portfolio of high-quality mobile devices, but it looks like there's still room...
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